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kevin stephens   chief executive officer
kevin stephens has 17 years of experience in design and 24 years of experience in construction, managing complex projects in the fields of real estate development, building design, landscape design, interior design, site planning, and urban design. he has the unique ability to integrate complex visions, developing and managing a streamlined process to actualize his client's vision. he has created a menu of affordable sustainable systems that can be combined to create close to zero net energy buildings. kevin is intimately involved with each step of the creation process; including evaluating financial feasibility of a project, developing plans and construction documents, value engineering, material selection, construction management, permits, approvals, and completion.

kevin has worked on a variety of complex national and international projects. his experience ranges from the design of small scale residences to large scale urban master plans. kevin’s portfolio of work includes residential estates, residential and commercial developments, urban plazas, streetscapes, golf courses, resorts, ecological mitigation, private vineyards, park systems, native habitat restoration, and public open spaces. his experience also includes elementary through university level campus planning, museum planning, religious campus planning, mass-transit planning, neighborhood redevelopment, and urban mixed-use projects. having spent 16 years in the field of design and development, kevin has
developed specialized knowledge in green building technologies and has demonstrated an interest in supporting public art
and philanthropy in his projects.
george moccia   chief financial officer
george is a construction industry and real estate developer veteran with over 30 years of diverse business operations experience in finance, information technology and human resources. as cfo, george is responsible for all aspects of the company’s financial accounting including policy, procedure and control of internal financial operations. He is also responsible for writing and managing contracts for ksdg and works closely with project managers in their responsibility of budgeting, forecasting and billing. george's role involves working to grow kevin stephens design group, inc. he recently spearheaded the purchase of new project management software helping revamp the company’s purchasing system. george is a certified financial planner and received his mba from boston college and a bsba accounting degree from the umass.
heather davis   book keeper
Heather has a degree in English Literature from the University of Texas at Austin. Her first career began in small boutique bookstores as a book buyer and then graduated to editor at book publishing houses. After that she took a position at her favorite travel guide company, Lonely Planet, as a manager of digital travel content to other online travel companies. Heather's path to becoming a professional bookkeeper began in 2005, shortly after the birth of her first son. She obtained a position as a part-time assistant to a CPA in Corte Madera, California, working on client books as well as writing clients' SBA Loans & business plans. In 2006 she went out on her own, quickly securing a busy client list - primarily real estate businesses. Heather has enjoyed being the bookkeeper for KSDG since early 2007.
jiselle liu  director · operations
jiselle graduated from the university of california, berkeley with a b.a. in political economy and a minor in city & regional planning. prior to KSDG, she worked with nonprofit organizations such as one economy corporation in san francisco and asian immigrant women advocates in oakland. she also interned for the department of trade and industry at the manila economic and cultural office in taipei. while in school, she was involved with the pilipino american alliance as well as other asian pacific american organizations on campus. at KSDG, she manages construction budgets and oversees the administration of various projects. she is fluent in english, mandarin, hokkien, and tagalog.
lisa espinosa   director · building design
lisa is a graduate from the university of california, berkeley with a b.a. in architecture. she previously worked at michael willis architects in san francisco where she assisted the design director on san francisco housing projects. her passion for architecture and design stems from her love and skill for the arts which she has been practicing for over 15 years. her artistic background has developed her creative design style and has contributed to her success with KSDG, where she project manages architectural construction documents for various types of design projects.
tammie leung   director · graphic design & new media + web design

Native from Hong Kong but left her home country and went aboard since 16 years old. From Vancouver to Shanghai, she first completed her bachelor degree with a major in business administration. In a week before her graduation ceremony, she volunteered to help the board to design a graduation leaflet without any art or design background. Surprisingly, this experience seeded her passion in design. She decided to travel to San Francisco, a wonderful, international city to seek her path in design. She stayed in San Francisco and completed her second bachelor degree majoring in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University. As proud as she could be, she told herself, “This is just the beginning of my design journey.”

Combining with her business instinct and the experience of being a freelancer of graphic design, she strongly believes that a successful business is only possible with good marketing, branding and visual design that sync well to present the company’s story and values. She also realizes that under the technology influences, new media is the bridge to connect between audiences. Print design is no longer the dominant source to communicate; interactive design on screen can speak louder and more effectively. Bracing with this believe, she starts working as a visual designer and continues her master degree in New Media and Web Design at the Academy of Art University.

Designing for print and for screen are similar but different. Both are visual communication, but the visual aspects are different. Taking advantage of her prior aesthetic in graphic design, she is able to unlock her creative vision and design potential in the field of new media design. She ultimately identifies problems and provides creative solutions. Being proactive in her design path, she has a strong will to overcome different challenge lies ahead.

roandrick soriaga    project manager · building design
roandrick grew up in the philiippines and recently graduated from the university of california, berkeley with a b.a. in architecture and a minor in sustainable design. he is also passionate about graphic design, and is able to integrate both interests at KSDG as an architecture & graphic design intern. he aims to expand his knowledge of sustainable design and contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment. roandrick embraces the idea of social sustainability through developing physical spaces that encourage a sense of community and providing accessibility to public parks and other open spaces. during his time at uc berkeley, he was involved with the pilipino american alliance and their pilipino cultural night. he is an avid basketball fan and enjoys playing the sport.
maria khatri   project manager · building design
maria recently graduated from the university of california, berkeley with a b.a. in architecture and a minor in sustainable design. she was part of the greening operations team concerned with waste management on campus during her college career. she was also involved with habitat for humanity east bay for 5 to 6 years, which stemmed from the organization's commitment to sustainable building design. there, she helped plan a sustainability event for homeowners and their families to attend. maria moved to the u.s. six years ago, and feels lucky to be in the bay area with many like-minded people. through her position as a building design intern at KSDG, she is focused on green issues as they pertain to the built environment and an overall lifestyle.
rachael neimand  project manager · building design
rachael was born and raised in california's bay area. she recently graduated from san francisco state university with a b.a. in art with an emphasis in conceptual information arts. her works are inspired by nature and recycled elements, and her love for design and the environment has fueled her desire to merge the two. she is a strong advocate for sustainable lifestyles and believes they are necessary in attaining a healthy future. through KSDG, she is learning more about environmental policy and how to apply that to design, and is an ongoing blog contributor. in her free time she can be found wandering through nature on foot mainly around san francisco's nutritious and delicious eateries.
robert wu   project manager · building design
born and raised in san francisco, robert has been inspired by the various types of structures, living environments, and spaces with which he has been surrounded his entire life. after graduating from u.c. berkeley with a bachelor of arts in architecture and a minor in city and regional planning, robert hopes to combine both these disciplines to help create a more efficient society, one where even the smallest spaces can be of multiple interests to its citizens. he believes that this vision for san francisco can only be achieved with the implementation of green strategies, and that sustainability is key to making today’s designs last for many years to come. robert enjoys browsing Yahoo articles in his free time, and is an avid fan of police television shows and crime fiction.
jim foster    senior architechture
bio coming soon!
cheng sun   project manager · building design
bio coming soon!
evan cooper   project manager · landscape design
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