credit restoration and loan approval program

many of our constituents in the real estate and development communities are finding it difficult these days to help their clients qualify for home loans. in an effort to help bridge this gap, ksdg is extending our exclusive credit restoration and loan approval program. the program is aimed specifically at achieving mortgage and home improvement loan approvals. key elements to our successful repairs and loan approvals are:
  • personal account management from start to completion – our end goal is loan approval
  • team of fully delegated FHA, FNMA, VA & USDA mortgage loan underwriters with 17 years executive-level experience in credit card and related industries
  • access to our own dedicated lenders, accepting credit scores as low as 580
  • our expertise applied to:
    • trade line minimums
    • insufficient credit, credit report disputes
    • minimum seasoning for new trade lines
    • bankruptcy seasoning (ch 13 v ch 7)
    • judgement, auto repossession & federal tax lien payoff requirements
    • lenders' credit score requirements and fha guidelines
    • lenders requiring zero down payment and builder-paid closing costs
our credit restoration and loan approval program consists of two steps:
  • credit analysis – we carefully analyze a current credit report ($25 fee)
  • credit restoration – if approved as a candidate for our credit restoration / loan approval program, we begin the credit repair process ($1000 total cost, can be credited at close of ksdg-associated loans and real estate purchases)
if you are ready to get started, please go to our getting started page or contact us directly at, or call 415.300.6606. we are looking forward to partnering with you, and more importantly getting you approved for a home loan or home improvement loan!