Viridis Sustainable Property Fund Viridis Fund: Viridis Sustainable Property Fund, LLC , is a pooled investment vehicle focused on renovation, energy retrofitting, and developing multi-family and office properties in targeted high growth, urban markets in the US and abroad with the goal of creating superior risk-adjusted returns. The projects comprising this fund are managed from inception to completion by our highly qualified staff and affiliates. With more than 18 years of real estate experience, our team is well-versed in the processes of executing acquisitions, development, renovations, marketing, and property management.
Pardee Construction Partners Pardee Construction: Pardee Construction has a variety of large commercial project experience. working with premier developers, pardee construction employees understand the value in completing a project not only on time, but with the high standard of quality every client deserves. This is shown in their mission to construct each project with mastery. They are LEED certified in sustainable construction.
Clean Economy Network Partners Clean Economy: Founded in march of 2009, the clean economy network (cen) is the largest national membership-based networking, educational, and advocacy organization shaping a new economy based on clean technology and innovation. Their members are professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers who connect to each other, learn information relevant to business and professional growth, and influence public policies that impact the clean economy.
Life Edited LifeEdited: LifeEdited shows how to design your life to include more money, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy. It’s life. Edited. Since 1950, the average American consumes 6 times more energy and carries 24 times more personal debt. He uses 3 times more living space, but still doesn’t have enough room to store his stuff, a fact made clear by a $22B personal storage industry. Most of us realize its relationships and experiences. Why don’t we design our homes, products and lifestyles accordingly? LifeEdited is answering this question directly.

It was started in 2009 when Graham Hill, founder of, launched a competition to design his compact New York City apartment, making it into a living embodiment of the ‘edited’ lifestyle. Following Hill’s popular TED talk about the apartment, he realized he wasn’t the only one craving a better, simpler life.
BOOM BOOM: BOOM investigates and applies recent advances in architecture and urbanism dealing with age related challenges; ones that assures the best utilization with the utmost dignity for age.

There are 17,000 Medicare and Medicate certified nursing homes in the United States, which basically store old people away. Some of these places are decorated to seem “home like” with floral wallpaper and vinyl wooden floors, but these homey touches do not disguise the fact that our culture shuns the aged and prefers them out of sight. We are interested in the alternative. From “Geropolis, the city of the elderly” to “BOOM” our research is intellectual, human, and architectural.